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Contains details on how to print to a color copier when
you are only allowed to print Black&White

Works for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Campus Instruction Beta (IC's video)
Setting up assignments and using Campus Instruction Beta.
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Classflow allows you to send content from your ActivBoard to your
student's iPads

Storybird is a service that allows you to create digital books


Guide provided by Infinite Campus that covers
the features found in Grade Book (Beta).

Use this if you can only display content from
your Elmo full screen, or if your image window
appears to be stuck in place.

Enabling the onscreen keyboard will allow you
or your students to use the keyboard while
interacting with the ActivBoard.

Use this if you need to cancel an OC Schools
PD session that you signed up for online.

Use this for a quick reference on taking
screenshots with your Mac.

How to remove a credit card from your Apple ID
while using an iPad

Instructions for new teachers to access their
online PD for 2013

This guide shows students how to save a
document to their network folder on a Mac

This guide details the steps for posting grades
at mid-term and at the end of the nine-week terms

Generic login information for OdysseyWare

Steps for sharing resources via the OC Schools' website

Close the flashbridge process when installing Adobe Flash

Register your personal wireless device

Access this page

Guide from School Pointe

Create a Discovery Education account

Mac keyboard shortcuts

Primary Report Cards

Setup Gradebook in Campus Instruction

Hide Dropped Students

Change default IC Login application

Add a fitness device to Humana Vitality


Apps For Education

TeachMeet Ohio County